Kaun Man Ullu Web Series Watch Online All Episodes

Kaun Man Ullu Web Series Watch Online All Episodes

While many apps have seen their fair share of highs and lows, the Ullu app continues to excel with its interesting, raunchy, and erotica-filled web series. Kaun Man Ullu web series is the new series befitting the typical Ullu app content. However, the creators have offered something fresh with the content this time.

Kaun Man web series release date is 2nd July 2024. The web series is a hard-hitting suspense drama where a con man makes money by trapping women in his love and later blackmails them. The Kaun Man web series cast includes Tripti Berra, Muskan Agarwal, and Leena Singh in lead roles.

As the web series is available on Ullu app, we suggest you explore the variety of content they have on their platform including Kaun Man. In the meantime, know everything on the internet about Kaun Man Ullu web series to tell for the Ullu app fans.

Kaun Man Web Series Key Details

Web SeriesKaun Man Web Series
Main CastTripti Berra, Muskan Agarwal, Leena Singh,
LanguagesHindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bhojpuri
Release Date2nd July 2024
OTTUllu App

Ullu’s Kaun Man Web Series Cast

Tripti Berra
Muskan Agarwal
Leena Singh

Kaun Man Web Series Story

Kaun Man web series revolves around three women and how they got conned by the same man. At first, you get to see a romantic track between a con man and Tripti Berra’s character. Later con man betrayed her and moved forward as he came to know about a gay couple.

Kaun Man web series is set in the backdrop of rural India so it makes sense when a gay couple agrees to do everything to hide their relationship from the public. The con man offers for lavender marriage and when he visits the girl’s house, he sees Tripti Berra’s character as the bride’s sister.

To know what happens next, watch online Kaun Man web series episodes on the Ullu app. Ullu app has survived the government’s wrath against hot Ott content. Unlike other OTT platforms, the Ullu app has made its stories about a fictional tale instead of showing incestuous relationships now and then.

Watch Online Kaun Man Web Series On Ullu App

The Kaun Man web series consists of 6 episodes and will be released in 2 parts within 2 weeks. Ullu app’s Kaun Man Part 1 web series was released on 2nd July 2024 while the Kaun Man Part 2 web series was released on 9th July 2024.

As stated, the Kaun Man Ullu web series will find its audience easily as it has multiple romantic girl-on-girl action scenes as well as a three-way romantic scene. The trailer hinted that Muskan Agarwal and Leena Singh share a romantic relationship. Also, there’s the scene when the couple got blackmailed by a man for marriage.


What is the name of the Upcoming Ullu Web Series?
Kaun Man web series.

Kaun Man web series cast?
Tripti Berra, Muskan Agarwal, and Leena Singh.

Which actress has a gay relationship in the Kaun Man Web Series?
Muskan Agarwal and Leena Singh.

Kaun Man web series release date?
2nd July 2024.

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