6 Best Riti Riwaj Web Series on Ullu To Watch Alone in 2023

6 Best Riti Riwaj Web Series on Ullu To Watch Alone in 2023

Today we are going to be talking about the ullu best riti riwaj web series. The series has been a huge hit in India and gave birth to many spin-offs. Let’s explore.

Best Riti Riwaj web series on ullu that are a must-watch for erotic genre lovers

1. Riti Riwaj – Wife on Rent

Riti riwaj is about hiring a girl as a wife on rent. It shows young adult enjoying their life and following an old custom of hiring girls on rent as wives for any duration of time. Watch the series to see how the girls change the lives of both youngsters. She brings fun and excitement, something men were missing earlier. After she leaves, will they be able to get their life back to normal? 

2. Riti Riwaj – Love Festival

The erotic web series launched on the ullu app made its debut in 2020. It depicts the life of happy, jovial life of a group of friends and how the definition of love is different for each of them. It shows many shades of love including fun, betrayal, break-up as well as excitement. The series has an amazing star cast including Kapil Kranthi and Khushi Mukherjee. 

3. Riti Riwaj – Taala Chaabi

A newly engaged couple finds their love has been put to test. Once the couple is engaged, the family decides to put the wedding on hold but that makes the couple irritated and they decide to secretly marry each other. Soon the word gets out and the family locks the girl, things take an unexpected turn and fate has different plans for them. 

4. Riti Riwaj – Water Wives

The series has been able to touch issues in Indian society that are brushed under the rug. It shows rural India suffering from the scarcity of water. In order to tackle the situation, mem of the village are marrying multiple girls so that more ladies can gather more water from a single home. 

5. Riti Riwaj – Haldi

The series is about an ancient wedding tradition of putting haldi on the groom before marriage. A girl soon falls in love with the groom and gets obsessed with him. Will the bride be able to get her groom back and help the family from getting apart? 

6. Riti Riwaj – Mann Marzi

The series is based on the old rural tradition. It is about a bride whose husband has to go to work on the night of her wedding night. Unable to satisfy her physical needs, she now had to choose a man for her first night. She decides to choose her brother-in-law.

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